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Dear Contractor:

As the Manager of the North Texas Chapter - NECA, I would like to bring to your attention the importance of a strong association representing electrical contractors, large and small, who have a desire to improve not only themselves, but the industry as a whole.

NECA is the only trade association, which is solely and exclusively dedicated to the betterment of the electrical contracting industry. Through the efforts of its many members and the professional staff, NECA has developed a wide range of materials and programs designed to help the electrical contractor cope with today's complex and ever changing business environment.

Electrical contractors can easily discover the benefits of NECA membership in such areas as labor relations, government affairs, management education, and marketing. The perpetual flow of industry information is also of tremendous value. In addition to all of this, many NECA contractors claim that the greatest benefits of membership rest in the fellowship and exchange of ideas, which occur at the local level.

I believe that the relationship between NECA and the contractor member is a two-way street. The association gains from the support and input of the member. It becomes stronger and more vibrant as new members are added and fresh views supplement the conventional wisdom. The contractor member gains from the wide range of services affecting their business. And perhaps most important, NECA provides the member with a vote in matters that will shape the electrical contracting industry for years to come.

The members and staff of the North Texas Chapter, NECA invite you to join us as we strive toward a brighter future for electrical contractors, their employees and the consuming public. Please take some time to review the enclosed materials and if you should have any questions regarding NECA, please do not hesitate to call the Chapter Office or any one of our member.


Steve Corley
Executive Manager

North Texas Chapter Members
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