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Article II, Section 1 of NECA's Constitution defines members as "...any person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of 'electrical contracting.' In this instrument 'electrical contracting' shall mean the business of erecting, installing, repairing, servicing or maintaining electric wiring, devices, appliances or equipment, including purchasing from suppliers and selling or furnishing manufactured parts and products."

This definition is very broad and includes every conceivable type of electrical contracting enterprise without exception.  The industry now includes a large number of individual business units with a variety of specialized and frequently conflicting business promotion and labor policy interest to be served, some of which NECA is not prepared to serve or cannot attempt to serve because such interest may be in conflict with the interest of a great majority of the present member.

NECA's publicity implies that it undertakes to render management services to, and serve the best interest of, each of its members. This gives every applicant for membership the right to expect that the acceptance of his application means that the Association can and will provide him management services and promote his business interest.

Based on the labor policy adopted by the vast majority of NECA members, labor relations services have been and are projected to be one of the foremost services desired by NECA members. To be effective at delivering these services requires the establishment and maintenance of harmonious relationships with the corresponding labor union including the commitment to support mutually desirable goals and programs.  The promotion of such goals and programs will at times be in conflict with the interest of electrical contractors who are not signatory to union labor agreements.

Accordingly, NECA cannot appropriately serve all interests of both signatory and non-signatory electrical contractors.  Until such time as the labor policy and labor relations interest of the majority of NECA's members change, it must place the interests of signatory contractors above those of non-signatory contractors.

NECA will not, therefore, provide services which are unique to the needs of non-signatory electrical contractors and which would conflict with the best interests of signatory electrical contractors.  Further, NECA and its chapters should investigate the special business interests and labor policy of each applicant for membership, and if they are found to be outside the scope of the Association's services or in conflict with any of its policies, the applicant shall be appropriately advised concerning the Association's services or in conflict with any of its policies, the applicant shall be appropriately advised concerning the Association's limitations in providing him a service and promoting his interests.

Adopted October 24, 1987


I, being a principal officer of the below named firm, have received and read a copy of NECA's Membership Policy dated October 24, 1987.  I understand that NECA membership is composed primarily of electrical contractors which employ IBEW electricians.  Accordingly, many NECA services are directed toward the needs of IBEW employing contractors.  As an electrical contractor which is not signatory to a labor agreement with the IBEW I understand that NECA does not intend to provide my firm with services which are unique to a non-union contractor.  If accepted as a member of NECA I agree to accept the limitations in service as noted in the membership policy.




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