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NECA serves the industry by providing a wide range of in-depth management and technical services that a single contractor would find beyond its financial capabilities. By sharing costs with others through NECA, electrical contractors are able to enjoy a variety of services at substantial savings. Including;

Government Affairs

The Association represents the interests of its members nationally, through its support of ECPAC and attendance at the Construction Alliance National Issues Conference and locally through its involvement with the Texas Construction Association.


NECA provides information to its members through detailed publications, workshops, and monthly meetings. Each member also receives a newsletter from National NECA, the EC Magazine, support from, and the NECA Connection (a contractor referral database).


The Association offers marketing support to its members by providing marketing materials, and sponsoring training programs.


The Association provides information on changing OSHA regulations and provides its members with low and no-cost NECA safety materials and publications.

Labor Relations

The Association represents its members in contract negotiations and contract administration with IBEW Locals 20 (Dallas/Fort Worth), 324 (Longview), and 1151 (Tyler). The Chapter also offers its contracts with these areas to non-members. The Chapter assists its members in implementing National Agreements. It actively works to help control the cost of fringe benefits. It collects and disseminates current information on labor trends and labor litigation. All of the Chapter labor contracts have binding arbitration clauses, utilizing the services of the Council on Industrial Relations. This binding arbitration prevents strikes, lockouts or work stoppages.
The Association and IBEW Local Union 20 have formed a Labor - Management Cooperation Committee to improve relations between labor and management and to help settle disagreements before they become job problems.


The Association supports apprentices, journeyman, and technician training through its representation on joint Apprentice and Training Committees (JATC) with the IBEW. These JATC's provide a skilled, trained, and knowledgeable workforce to the contractors.

Electrical Contracting Foundation

The NECA North Texas Chapter is a founder level member of the Electrical Contracting Foundation, Electrical contracting foundation. The Foundation commissions studies that affect the Electrical Contracting Industry. Once these studies are complete, many are made into management educational programs through NECA National's Management Educational Institute.

Management Training

The Association offers to its members a variety of management education courses both locally and nationwide.

Codes and Standards

NECA National develops and publishes a series of National Electrical Installation Standards, most of which are ANSI approved.

NECA Value Added Services

Through its affiliation with the National Association, NECA members are eligible to receive various value added services from vendors like constructionware, CNA Insurance, Aramark, American Express, Enterprise Fleet Services, And Sprint, just to name a few.
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